Damen Song Cam Shipyard Co., Ltd
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Địa chỉ: Thôn Lôi Động, Xã Hoàng Động, huyện Thủy Nguyên, thành phố Hải Phòng

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Damen Song Cam Shipyard Co., Ltd is a joint venture between Damen Shipyards Group in the Netherlands (70%) and Song Cam Shipyard (30%), member of SBIC and based in Haiphong, Vietnam. At a 42 hectares site just outside Haiphong, Damen Song Cam is a strategic and preferred production location within the Damen Shipyards Group to produce tugboats and work-boats. At the moment, the shipyard is a dedicated outfitting shipyard, outfitting, commissioning and delivering approx. 40 vessels per year to clients worldwide. At a later stage Damen Song Cam will further increase its production facilities to deliver approx. 80 vessels a year and will start to produce some of the hulls which are currently sub-contracted to other yards. Damen Song Cam Engineering (DSCS-E) Department is responsible for providing detailed engineering and standards services for all Damen projects and delivering high quality production information and support to shipyards worldwide, in time and within budget. JOB CONTEXT Damen Song Cam Shipyard is engineering, building, fitting out, commissioning and delivering ship types of the Damen range. Basic designs and most components are delivered to DSCS by Damen Shipyards Gorinchem. DSCS will complete the detailed design, produce all required production instructions, supplement the remaining components either by her own production or by purchasing / subcontracting and provide project management.